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 ~Your Future is Bright~

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Dale C. Broome

Visionary, Consultant, Author, Presenter

Pho​to by Final Focus Photography

     Long before establishing Favor in 2003, and until now, Favor's Visionary, Dale C. Broome volunteered her time and talents towards helping hundreds of people get to where they belonged in the job market. With Divinely Gifted hands, an eye for high fashion, and effort-less writing ability, Dale has seen only the beginning of the manifestation of the prophetic promise of everything her hands touch turning to gold. In this case, it has been seen through years of job securement and job promotions for others. 

     The "Resume seed" was planted within Dale as far back as her "Written Communications in Business" class at the University of Delaware. However, despite this, and a plethora of business and professional writing classes--all part of an extensive education at the post-Master's degree level, Dale attributes her superior gift of writing, and as a wordsmith, to an AWESOME teacher--The Holy Spirit! 

     As the businesswoman/mentor in her emerges in full force this season, Dale does not only want to ensure that her "future is bright," as trumpeted by Favor's tag line, but also millions along with her. The time has come!  

     Stay tuned for an Epic move of God in Favor's upcoming business enterprises!

Community Commitment:

Favor is committed to causes that bring Hope and Restoration to all, primarily the youth. It is committed to helping to steer our young people (primarily males) away from the tentacles of the Criminal Justice system, propelling them into their God-given Greatness. As such, a portion of Favor's profits will be funneled into the non-profit organization also founded by Dale Broome:

Destination Greatness Inc.


You can also read more about Dale Broome at:

Mission Statement:To diligently seek good, thereby, procuring favor. Proverbs 11:27.