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 Barb's Closet 

~Be YOUnique~

In Memory of my Beloved mother,

Barbara Glendora Broome, 

~A Woman of Style~


In Loving Memory


The name "Barb's Closet" encapsulates the memory of the late Barbara Glendora Broome--a Woman of Style.


As one of the many neighborhood seamstresses in St. Lucy, Barbados, Barbara Broome could be found doing her very best creative work in the wee hours of Christmas morning or any other holiday or special event. Barbara did her best dressmaking under pressure, when the deadline was right around the corner. She performed best when everyone else in the house was drooling, except Dale, who could be found watching every move her mother made, even from a small child. It was no surprise that Dale developed the same gift of sewing and dress-making, and an eye for fashion.


Dale has enjoyed a reputation in her native country, Barbados, and in her adoptive country, America, for loving clothes and fashion. In Barbados, she even had a stint with modelling, which was curtailed working as a police officer in drug enforcement. In keeping with this, one of Dale's long-time dreams has been of owning a boutique.


Please enjoy this small selection of very affordable items from Barb's Closet, including our Peta Approved Vegan Ladies handbags.


No animals were harmed in the creation of these bags. Buy these guilt-free, knowing that your purchase is Peta Approved Vegan.